Crazy About Craft!

everystockphoto_218837_mI have to admit I just love craft! I love all kinds of it…crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, painting and tons of other things!

Unfortunately I can’t say that I am very good at any of it, I just have a non stop curiosity that drives me to try it all – and during that time I have a lot of fun!

So that is why I started this blog: myfavoritecraft; a blog with my personal stuff and with separate web pages on different crafts I tried. On the separate pages, for instance knitting.myfavoritecraft, you can find some tips and tricks, my favorite patterns, classes’ reviews, videos and other stuff I have found valuable for myself. Hope you will like it also.

My desire it for this blog/portal to grow – there are so many things to discover when it comes to crafting, so I think I will be busy with I my whole lifetime!

So welcome to join me and please share your craft ideas…no matter kind!

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