Send Photos Using Digital Scrapbooking Program

digital scrapbooking program

Holidays means for many of us that we are taking pictures – tons of them! But to be honest…Many of the nice pics we have often stay in the camera or phone or maybe on the hard drive on our computer. But that’s sad! Why not share them with family and friends.

I found a great way of make nice scrap books on the computer. I make it fast, (no glue or paper pieces and stuff = nothing to clean…:), and I can send it with just some few clicks with my mouse. And the great thing with these scrap books is that you can keep it and make slide shows on your computer screen or TV, if you have that equipment. Easy to email, easy to post on Facebook, and easy to show your guests at home.

The software I use is very easy to use.. and I have to say…this is so much fun! Show it for you kids – they are gonna’ love it…they can make so many fun stuff to send to their friends. With this software you can also make nice Facebook timeline covers.

Go here to read more about the software: Digital scrapbooking or go directly to the download page: Download Digital Scrapbooking Software

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