It’s Flower Time!

Now it is a great time at home…the garden is filled with flowers, and for me that is the best time of the year! I happen to love flowers…All kinds of them. But I have to say that peonies and roses are my absolute favorite… 

This is now growing in my garden: Moss RoseI love it!

This rose now growing in my garden: Moss Rose
I love it!

My house is also filled with flowers; and I don’t mean just plants or fresh flowers, but I have flowers as wall art, on coffee mugs, on trays, on plates and you name it…I think I must be obsessed or something. But, in that case I think it is a good obsession!

I recently started a whole new webpage about flowers and crafts…..I added some craft videos from Youtube about making paper flowers, shabby chic flowers, crochet flowers etc. You can also find how to make flower arrangements, and more.

So…if you also love flowers, please visit my flower blog….! Here’s the address:


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