A Beautiful, Beuatiful Quilt!

Yesterday I saw a very beautiful quilt pattern, It has such lovely colours and pretty layouts. So…I made a video and put up on youtube. If you are a quilter you might try it…I think it is so nice! Here’s the video:

And here is the link to the pattern:  Jelly Roll French Braid


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Some Summer Projects…


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Beautiful Summer Crochet Beanie

I love summer! But living in the northern part of Europe means that summer time is short, so you have to take care of and enjoy every minute of it!

Days like today, when it is cold and rainy – even if the calendar says it’s in the midst of summer, you just have to make the best of it….what is that…well, for me it can be all kinds of crafts! You can make your own diy project, no matter the weather!

So why not start a crochet project for the summer? I know it will be hot days ahead, so maybe crochet sandals for the little ones, a beautiful sun dress for your self or a nice summer hat can be your choice??

Welcome to visit: Summer Crochet Patterns


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You Can Start Quilting


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Are you a little bit intimidated to start a quilting project? I certainly was when I first started out. I was so scared to take the scissor and start cutting the materials into pieces… What if I could not put the blocks together and make something that at least looked like a quilt?

Well, I know now that I did not have to worry. I am not a professional quilter – far from it, but I enjoy putting pieces together and make quilts – and it almost always look very nice. And not just that…the quilts are my production! It is such a nice feeling to be able to create a piece of work, that even if it is not perfect, it is mine; and a little piece of my soul is in it!

That is a great feeling! So don’t be scared – just start trying and you will experience the fun!

Here are some nice quilting patterns – made for quilting beginners

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Join a Crochet Class

labIf you want a fast way to learn how to crochet you should join a crochet class and learn from a professional crochet instructor. I think that is a very good way of learning, Thousands of others have learned crochet from scratch through a video class. If you want to try it:

Click here to join the Crochet Lab

You can also find some Crochet Stitches Instructions here on this page:



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Some Christmas Ornament Knitting Patterns

I found some great and simple Christmas decorations for knitting.

Knitted Christmas Decorations
Christmas Ornaments Pattern


Knit Covered Ornaments


More Christmas Patterns here


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Java, Java, Java…..

Nothing is like having some craft going on. That is what I really love. But this moment becomes even better when I also can have a cup of Java to sip…I love it! Or maybe you prefer a cup of tea?

Remember this song???

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A Hilarious Crochet Toy Pattern

rudolph1So, it is play time for me I think…..Today I made a video presentation on a really crazy looking Crochet Toy Pattern.

It is the pattern: 035 Reindeer Rudolf toy Pattern that caught my attention….i love it!

The pattern comes from Little Owl’s Hut by Little Owl Kate , UK; a crochet designer that is “addicted” to amigurumis!

Well, here is the video if you like to watch! Have a fun day!

The pattern you can go to from my crochet site – click this link!





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Some New Free Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

HowietheHolidayPenguin_1It is  very easy to fall in love the all the cute amigurumi animals. I must admit, I have weakness for them…

They are often very easy to make, so it does not take ages to finish one, and that is a good thing! And they are very appreciated gifts. It is also possible fro kids to learn crochet this little cute, stuffed animals, and since they are easy made, they will feel very proud to have created them.

Today I put up some New Free Crochet Amigurumi Patterns on the crochet page. You will find some one at the top and the others if you scroll down the page.

Click Here to find the patterns!

A Great Amigurumi Class

amigIf you are really into crocheting Amigurumis, you might want to learn more about how to crochet nice animals, they have a popular Amigurimi class at Craftsy.

Click here to go to the class

More Amigurumi talk….

Sooner then you think…the Christmas time is here… So i decided to put up a video presentation of a crochet amigurumi nativity set on youtube. This  patterns is not free, but well worth the money since you will be able to crochet all the nativity characters!

Watch the vide or

Go directly to the pattern page: Amigurumi Nativity Pattern




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A Cool Cowl

WoodlandCowl_1Now people are asking a lot for cowls and warm scarves, and yeah, it is really time to start knitting something warm and cozy.

I found a very cool pattern called Woodland Cowl pattern – with this cowl you will keep yourself warm in the winter!

It is a free pattern and also very simple, meaning that anyone, even the novice can knit this pattern!

Woodland Cowl Pattern

For more free knitting patterns, go to my favortie crafts knitting blog. Click here: Download Free Knitting Patterns

Good luck!

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Crocheting For Beginners – My Crochet Start

full_1709_44951_GrannyBlanket_1I think crochet might have been my first try when it comes to craft. I will never forget how I was supposed to learn crocheting in school from a teacher that I guess wanted well, but that caused a small trauma in me when she forced me to learn.

I am left-handed. That is almost never a problem to me, but it was when I should learn how to crochet. We all had to do what I guess we can call the first crocheting for beginners’ project: a square pot holder.

I was left-handed but my teacher told me it was impossible for her to teach me crochet if I did not use the right hand, and my problem started! I could not even hold the crochet hook properly with my right hand, much less try to use it.

But I struggled with my potholder. I tried and I tried and it went okay. After a while. I mean it should have been a square but it come out more like triangle, but any way – I did manage the instructions, and it was, well…okay.

But I hated to crochet with me right hand – I wanted to use my left.

But then, the second project could have turned me off from ever wanting to even look at a crochet hook. Everyone in our class should crochet a bag for balls. You know the ones with holes, like a net.

This bag became a nightmare to me, because of my left hand problem. For some reason it did not work. My brain could not turn from being used to work with my left hand to now work with the right one. I could not get my brain to understand the pattern that told me to crochet some chain stitch and then attached it to the row before, and then continue to create the net.

I all the time I turned the project and started to crochet the other way and the whole bag become a mess and I could not get out of it.

I cried and cried, and wanted my mother to help me out. And she did, but then I was back again, wanting to use my left hand and wanting to turn the bag and crochet the other way.

That was a trauma. I was angry at my teacher, I cried and complained, but she never backed off on her conviction that I should learn how to crochet, but learn it backwards.

And guess what. Today I have passed my fifties, I have crocheted tons of items, and all the time I have used…exactly; my right hand!

So now the only things I do with the right hand are to crochet and play the guitar! Otherwise I am still a full blooded lefthander!

If you need some basic crochet instructions, you can visit My-favorite-craft’s crochet page: Crochet Stitches Instructions – And you are aloud to use which hand that you want!

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Warming Knitted Shawl For Fall!

It is fall, at least here in Northern Europe, and now is really the time for warming shawls and wraps!

It is so cozy to wrap a nice shawl around your shoulders when the wind is blowing outside, light some candles and just enjoy the moment! Maybe a good book as company…that’s great!

There are tons of wonderful patterns for shawls and scarves, but an easy one to knit, but still very beautiful is this Entrelac scarf from Craftsy. The pattern is free, and you do not need to be an advanced knitter to manage.

Why not go get the pattern here and start a new fall project: Entrelac Scarf Pattern

Happy Knitting!

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Crazy About Craft!

everystockphoto_218837_mI have to admit I just love craft! I love all kinds of it…crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, painting and tons of other things!

Unfortunately I can’t say that I am very good at any of it, I just have a non stop curiosity that drives me to try it all – and during that time I have a lot of fun!

So that is why I started this blog: myfavoritecraft; a blog with my personal stuff and with separate web pages on different crafts I tried. On the separate pages, for instance knitting.myfavoritecraft, you can find some tips and tricks, my favorite patterns, classes’ reviews, videos and other stuff I have found valuable for myself. Hope you will like it also.

My desire it for this blog/portal to grow – there are so many things to discover when it comes to crafting, so I think I will be busy with I my whole lifetime!

So welcome to join me and please share your craft ideas…no matter kind!

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