You Can Start Quilting


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Are you a little bit intimidated to start a quilting project? I certainly was when I first started out. I was so scared to take the scissor and start cutting the materials into pieces… What if I could not put the blocks together and make something that at least looked like a quilt?

Well, I know now that I did not have to worry. I am not a professional quilter – far from it, but I enjoy putting pieces together and make quilts – and it almost always look very nice. And not just that…the quilts are my production! It is such a nice feeling to be able to create a piece of work, that even if it is not perfect, it is mine; and a little piece of my soul is in it!

That is a great feeling! So don’t be scared – just start trying and you will experience the fun!

Here are some nice quilting patterns – made for quilting beginners

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